Hello! Welcome to Latinx Represente. My name is Melany Rivera-Sandoval. I am 21 years old and I am from Puerto Rico. I moved to the states when I was really young and was raised here most of my life, but that didn’t take me away from my culture. Instead it made me want be closer to my roots and I wanted to see better representation of my people in the media I grew up around.

In this publication I will address the many issues surrounding the lack of representation of Latinos in media. I will not be focusing on just Puerto Ricans in the media. I will put a focus on the representation of all Latinos in TV, Film, and Music. This publication will not be an angry Latina ranting. I will be highlighting important Latinx people doing great and impactful things to better our representation, as well as ways you could contribute to empowering Latinx voices.

I decided on making this publication after realizing there didn’t seem to be much active discussion around this topic that I could find here on wordpress. I am an aspiring actor and I would love to contribute to positive representations of my people, but the white to Latino ratio in movies is entirely unrealistic especially with the percentage of Latino citizens constantly on the rise in the US. I become inspired by people like Gina Rodriguez, who take a stand to call out the lack of Latinos in the media. She isn’t afraid to say something and neither am I. So here I am.

I hope this publication attracts a wide variety of audiences. From film enthusiasts to fellow Latinos, and from equal rights advocates to allies in the fight for better representation of all POC in media. I hope anyone and everyone who visits this publication will feel inspired and enlightened. I hope you demand to see my people in your TV shows and films. I hope you demand to hear our music. I hope to spark an interest in you to learn about other cultures from your own. Lastly I hope you share your own thoughts and experiences with me to help me better myself and this publication. Thank you and enjoy!

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